Lugo Performance Group


Incentives for Business / Implementation:

When a well designed incentive plan is launched in a business today there are many –long-term benefits.  The first is the ability to change a behavior or to improve a specific area in the marketing plan.  To advance the performance in a positive manner can be one of the most difficult challenges for management. To have reps that display excellence in there work and show accomplishments, helps businesses acquire more and better business. These are traits that deserve praise, recognition and reward.  There is a direct correlation in the reaching of a stated objective and the understanding of the program goals, the system and mechanics of scoring and supporting materials.   Incentive programs can build new customers for the business as well as long term loyalty.

Incentives for Workers:

These plans can be established and operated for a short time to improve productivity or a specific work routine.  Incentive strategies can improve teamwork and remove bad work habits.

Incentives for customers:

Customers receive better customer service and are contacted more frequently when a sales incentive program is in effect.  This set the positive habits for the salesperson and with their new level of excellence they understand the value of customer service.

Lugo Performance group will work side by side with companies who desire help in building a sales organization.  We will work with your “key” person to develop and implement hiring strategies, marketing campaigns, promotional tools along with training and marketing materials.
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